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tv   Small Business Commission 102615  SFGTV  November 1, 2015 10:00am-12:01pm PST

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concerned, were concerned when we started hearing bart instead of going out what it needed was considering going out with something third or even two third less than what they needed. which would result in a massive capital deficit of bart, would result in bart completing against mta, caltrans and other agencies over the next decade for other sources of funding. we know from the polling we've done and all the polling we've seen, voters around the region support bart and will vote for a bond. we are encouraging bond -- we need to be encouraging bart to go out with a bond that meets its capital needs. is there any public comment on item 14? public comment is closed. this is an information item. we will move to item 15. >> information item.
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>> colleagues are there any introductions today? seeing none. is there any public comment on item 15? public comment is closed. this is an information item. item 16. >> public comment. >> is there any general public comment? public comment closed. item number 17. >> adjournment. >> we are adjourned. thank you. and i'd like 2016 oh right.
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>> those are the outlet daylight saving time thank you for your correction commissioner adams i'd like to thank media services for trifz the small business commission today i'll move into item one roll call. >> commissioner president dwight commissioner adams commissioner dooley commissioner ortiz-cartagena commissioner yee-riley commissioner tour-sarkissian mr. vice president we have quorum. >> item number 2 general public comment. >> item 2 general public comment this allows the members of the public to come and generally on matter within the commissions per have you and suggests future consideration items. >> is there anyone from the public that wishes to speak to
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comment on anything not on today's agenda seeing none, public comment is closed. >> mr. president, i'd like to make a recommendation we call items three and four together as their presentations are enter seconded and over laptop a presentation and discussion on mayor ed lee's shop and dine in the 49 that presentation by mary ann thomas of the economic & workforce development and then we'll also have a presentation and discussion on the small business saturday presentations by lynn of women impacting the public policy and the saturdays coalition. >> okay sound good okay. >> we do work i guess i'm short. >> good afternoon, commissioners regina thank you for having us
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here on behalf of myself we're here to present shop and dine in the 49. >> so here we go perfect so just by ggsd as many of you may know you know last year in november we did a small pilot program called shop and dine in the 49 and quickly created a website and we went out and partnered with local merchant and corridors we did a lot of outreach social media and one by one in the corridors to get people to shop and dine in the 49 to enjoy what was local in san francisco the pilot did incredibly well probably better than expected so we're back because is now going to become a year-round program in the economic & workforce
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development we're launching a citywide campaign it goes without saying the key thing to maintain the local flavor and color of the merchant corridor we encourage people to go there and shop in a two-pronged approach within the mayors business to business by san francisco cadet and second through shop and dine in the 49 a partnership with an between us and others. >> a little bit about b to b we it launched approximately a month ago we asked large businesses and companies if they could support taking 5 percent of they're spending and shifting it to small businesses in san francisco and went out and found local small businesses in san francisco that actually produce
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here locally and produce things that's part of initiative. >> mary ann would it be easier if i shifted the mike. >> did that work oh, perfect so is an opportunity for small businesses they go to the webbed and register and then larger businesses when in their looking for something to purchase i'll go to that website first again about encouraging local spending and changing people's habits we have an online policeman sf connect we are doing a lot of events one loss tuesday night invited small businesses to meet the larger businesses by meet and greet and calling speed dating we put everyone in the room together and get an opportunity to meet each other
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as i said we're asking businesses to shift 5 percent to small and local businesses. >> so after shop in the dine in the 49 a collaboration between the small businesses and american express and i'll be remiss if i didn't say part of group that san francisco chamber of commerce, sf city mark drooith and peter from green apple books and creating jobs and henry from the district merchant and displacing i didn't from will noah valley and members of sf made and regina and others so had is to name a few we have the hotel council sf travel but our goal we want to have gifts and residents to shop locally in san francisco whether
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a restaurant or shore or to experience an event such outlands helping us with our project, of course, is the committee on jobs who commissions a survey conduct by e nc research of 8 hundred and 44 san franciscans it was offered in english and chinese and spanish the demographics are close within that of those who are registered in san francisco to vote the findings i think are not going to be that surprisingly all san franciscans say shoreline locally is important and long and older residents are especially supportive and most voters agree that locally owned businesses add value and character to san francisco neighborhoods, however, consequence and location are valued above all else when
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choosing where to shop i put this slide up here from the actual survey they asked people what does the phrase shop local mean to you as you can see people have a wide range of what it meant in a sense to repeat back to the survey they could say what it meant and articulate that but again, a very broad-spectrum of answers what he wanted it shouldn't surprises anyone in san francisco the jorlt want negotiates so again, this is asking people in you want to shop local what do you want going forward that survey helped to inform the work we're doing and the work we're doing in the neighborhood so we have a website we're
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cul-de-sack in the process of updating a public service amusement announcement that was recorded by mayor ed lee and playing on hard rock radio if you go to our website not just to tell a compelling story why to shop local our goal to short merchant so a series of tool kits would be the merchants tool kits we have procreated e created prepopulation hash tags prepopulation social media and create a really great letter from the merchant to his or her employees to ask them to shop local as well the mayor has a letter and encouraging residents city employees all of us to show will o shop local it as postcards and more importantly thank you cards
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that's what you'll find in the merchant tool kit we believe in our campaign people have choices they, shop anywhere but if they choose to shop at our store say thank you. your grateful for your business you'll see coming up in november 5, '00 adds an muni buses and local newspaper ads we've been to so many merchant groups the council of district merchant and south of market, we've been everywhere and get the feedback from the merchants i want to go back to the tool kit we created one for the tech companies we'd like them to click on that created a mechanism to outreach their
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employees to really kind of tell the com pell story of why to shop locally it is important and have one for labor because the san francisco labor alliance has a historical group and lastly you'll see three hundred street banners and inform graphics and data that is on our website and again, we don't expect people to get everything in the adds they see their catch and response we want to drive them to businesses and drive them to the website to understand why it is so important to shop local and keep the dollar here even on a charity level if you make a donation to a charitable donations think local first this is not the final artwork as you
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can see this is what you're see think the buses their iconic and coit tower and the cable cars and each one is absent different the shop and dine in the 49 it is where character meets consequence next those are the examples of one of the banners has been selected example of what the banners will look like and three hundred of them all over san francisco in every merchant corridor. >> so we're on a fast timeframe lrlg speed and starting november 15th as mid-november look for us as a kickoff in the locals merchant corridor and media in the local
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newspapers and american column in the examiner and a revamp of our website and in november 2nd campaigns one is a social media campaign we're asking people to take pictures of themselves shopping locally with the hash tag shop and dina variety of local is one of them and all the locals are doing it so the majority of this kickoff is mid-november you'll see the birth part part of the reason we're here to tell you about our campaign but get feedback and should have the ideas you'd look to see in the campaign i think that is it for me and up next is lynn. >> that's correct regina good
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afternoon commissioners tights a pleasure to be here i have to start off with a huge thank you to regina and hear team what did you do regularly begins leadership in the past years and others all of you have been part of this some of you have been part of this for 6 years i hope you that are not acquainted about experience what is happening san francisco is the flagship for small business saturday in front of you, you have a one page overview we are that asked to provide if you look at the categories of small business saturdays coalition we've being trying to build coalition of public and private
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entrepreneurs to shine the day on after black friday i can't name other city that rivals it is close to 20 organizations that will be participating watch out boston on your heals and we on the competition amongst the sisters is great i want to go back to the top one of the things that is exciting i hope you feel proud about is your staff again regina and her team and others in the city san francisco travel and the chamber and others said what can we do better every year so if you look at you've heard about the shop dine and 49 with the local advertising i wanted to say we were able after several years to convince american express to put adds in local newspapers we know
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the san franciscans read the local newspapers and the chronicle will join them we've heard in the pamphlet we should be encouraging shorts from district to district all naked to neighborhood a deck regarded cable car and one of the crown jewels we'll be a neighborhood map when you see it please don't take our green eye shades out and lock four perspectives this is a way to put in shoppers hands how many great neighborhoods we have and look at those genericly and go visit them while not feature individual stores or shops but lastly as referenced a mayors conference being worked on right now as you look around the city we are that here last year in noah
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valley is it still up the streetcars an noah valley and other events association with small business saturday we'll do that again this year our artist is native born san franciscan we can't tell you where she's going i'll say we have blended with the bicycle coalition they're on board and good evening to be doing their own campaign and adding a fun ride a natural to this we know that bicyclists shop local and care about that there is another program the neighborhood champion a program we'll pause for a minute and anybody that is listening that retail merchant get in touch w you me we're hoping in addition
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to all the people that join the coalition will take the information we have and disseminate it down to the merchant the merchants have a chance to participate all they have to do is fill out a form and naming 10 businesses they'll work with only say they're ten be liability businesses and as well as the supply lasts do it today, we do honk o know how long sign up to get balloons and other goodies already the gary merchant in noah valley and the excelsior joining we want to see that grow a little bit more in san francisco
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lastly i would like you commissioners oh, how to get ahold of us and sign up my phone number is (415) 434-4314 pr 414344314 each of lynn and happy to help you and a node to the working group that is kwaenld in the several months and going on 6 years on top that regina the mayor's office of economic workforce development and the merchant group we've been at their meeting and the san francisco schm will be promoting and sf and the coalition we're getting ready we won't be sleeping much but hope to hear
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the cash register we need great sales thank you any questions from either of you guess from the small business projects. >> commissioner adams i want to thank both of you and start off with mary ann thompson what you've done in the oewd mayor's office of economic workforce development especially in the investment in the neighborhood program their out there pound on the carrier and work with the businesses i sue last year with the kickoff for the shop and dine 49 i was given a stieshg who am i going to debiting give those out to you am on the third brunch they're talking about to the corridors
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castro street and fillmore the group will be available should be commend lynn small business saturday made a tremendous difference especially in my neighborhood which is castro the day after thanksgiving i remember kathleen it was dead and now it is like that saturday is like it is happening now so you really, really engaged not only my neighborhood but i see is it in other neighborhoods throughout the city i think that small business saturday a tremor success especially in san francisco and getting people to spend the money in the neighborhoods instead of going downtown so, now they're coming into the neighborhood it has to do with the promotion on small business saturday so thank you
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and good job. >> you're welcome. >> any other comments commissioners and i have one apologize i miss named my good colleague i'm sorry for calling you other than mary ann thompson behind the scenes and the other organizations pulling their weight it county have been done without our leadership and starting with regina they've made a difference out there the concession off people collaborating i think the collaboration has been something here that someone should model if you award and have a collaboration to take the wards here and commissioner yee-riley a comment. >> this question is for mary ann and how can we help. >> so definitely help lynn because she needs to get folks
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enrolled in the program if you know of any merchant group or anyone that will benefit from the presentation from us i've done a lot of one-on-one talking about talking to people how to promote their business anyone that needs that bring them my way i object to meet with them last week, i started my day at 7:30 in the morning and ended at 8 o'clock in the evening with the council district merchants anyone if benefits from the presentation or collaborating we know there is a lot of people that want to be part of the program we don't know who they or so get connected to those individuals would be great. >> one easy thing for you and anybody listening this is an easy website i think pent if
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you're aware and it is called www. dot shop if you go on there and click on rally your neighborhood you'll learn about what people are doing in their neighborhood again, it you think of somebody to spread spreading the word go to www. shop they'll sign up for the neighborhood champion program on the website and i i know maybe taking too much time i'll add if you are an individual small business owner at www. shop there is another icon that says promote our business we have a program to promote individual small businesses as well. >> mr. president, may make a
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couple of comments thank you lynn and mary ann i want to extend my appreciation to jason and others for having lead the coalition being involved in leading the coalition and making it easy for to partner and for our merchants associations to engage with and then very much persist in the mayors budget he added fund for a biological initiate that did come from the request from the quarterly meeting with the small business leaders feel fortunate we have mary ann that did such a fabulous job with the business taxes and leading that charge in the engagement so i think it - we're fortunate we have that
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opportunity to really bring those few things together this year and hopefully continue next year to make that that much rochet. >> all right. thank you very much appreciate it. >> public comment? >> yes. public comment. >> any public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed let's move on to the next item and we're moving on to item 5 which the presentation and discussion on super bowl 50 business connect and today jason from the san francisco bay area super bowl host committee. >> welcome jason. >> thank you thank you, commissioners thank you executive director for inviting me back i was detailed in getting this presentation i have copies for the commission i
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have a version to present online as well. >> the purpose coming back to you almost a year to the day i think i was here before you we were a lot closer to super bowl 50 hundred plus days away happy to tell you about our super bowl 50 business connect initiative that is what i presented a year ago and what we're still planning for the future. >> if we could have the power point i mean overhead please. >> since you have in front of the you i'll work through
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quickly. >> so i'll start with giving a reminder of on overview of the business connect program it is actually a partnership between the national football league and the super bowl 50 host committee i relied it was the host committee a different committee from the san francisco 49ers and our charge to prepare the region for this epic milestone the business connect program the nfls lead effort with the focus on the inclusion and diversity we launched business connect a year ago but the program is not just to connect local diverse suppliers to contact recommended to the super bowl 50 but the capacity support services and
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things that will leave them better off regardless of whether or not they get a super bowl contract and we were proud to have the sponsoring of this program by google and small business supply diversity having launched their own diversity efforts before we launched a year ago. >> speaking of our launch to recap so we launched our program november of 2014 we had over one thousand business owners attend the two launch by stadium and here in san francisco at moscone center west of the launch again those are interested business owners throughout the region as you can see about a third if alameda almost a third from
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santa clara coming to the launch events. >> the purpose of those events was to both let the community know about the program let it know our goals and objectives as well to let people know how to participate we followed that launch event in november with a second event with a third fended in oakland and february where we had both a workshop with the keynote speaker presentation by michael bush a great speaker and supporter of small businesses but had an "x" to in a sense coke those small businesses that attend to a wide variety of services whether this was the s b.a. represented there to california green business program two organizations like score and importantly to some of our corporate partners because
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we also want to make sure those businesses connect to yahoo and google and kaiser permanente the official timeline the program to here we opened it with the launch in november the application period was opened through april 30th just to restate what the criteria for participation there were basic 4 main criteria the business hsa hesitate to a minority owned lgbt or veteran owned a number of certification partners to work to get it certification if they were not certified located in the 9 bay area and in existence for 3 years and finally needed to provide a service that was needed for super bowl 50 again,
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a at some point of overall businesses that deliver large-scale events from caterersers you know your printed and promote materials to back office support and staffer agencies all are included in the events we closed the process april 30th i'll talk about the results in a few slides we 0 clotted to april 30th those businesses stayed in the program loans their certifications were pending and officially closed at the end of may new applications and at this point we began turning to the actual contracting that was taking place but we have i'll talk about this as well launched the capacity so with the two goals in trying to knock opportunities
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in the region and provide capacity building sort to get value regardless of whether they get a contract or not. >> as a result of our outreach essentially reaching approximately 15 hundred briz businesses we ended up receiving over seven hundred applications for the program and my next slide i'll show we have now 4 hundred a little bit over 4 hundred businesses in the program but what did this mean it is what we call the business resource guide a pub assessable database on the website at 19 b all the listing of the businesses in the database to date and this is the primary resource that the nfl it's host
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committee we use to think about the services we need in the categories that are represented there a little bit more about the business connect resource guide so who be the suppliers more than 4 hundred and plus suppliers and representation from all 9 counties and all diversity categories and 60 different goods and services program but what are the buyers the buyers have there's a 3 sets, of course, we have the host committee the most primary and the most we have control over and look at the nfl and the nfl engagements a number of contractor for super bowl 50 and other buyers that are doing events or things related to super bowl 50 or the general public comment that is another thing thing that is the information of the business is
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public and urge people constantly to checkout the database to identify businesses they may need to use for super bowl or frankly any other kinds of activities. >> i misspoke the website is super bowl 50 so in terms of some of the businesses now those graphs refer to the 4 hundred and 25 businesses in the resource guide as you can see we have majority female owned businesses, we have a good diversity in terms of categories of diversity minority owned and women and lgbt and veteran owned businesses represented with the largest category of minority owned and women owned businesses. >> i should point out some individual business owners
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qualify in multiple categories but i'll pointing out the ways their certified nevertheless of diversity and ethnicity specifically largest percentage of the right away african-american owned businesses excuse me. caucasian and african-american and asian owned businesses. >> now in terms of geography that is something this commission will be interested the outreach you've seen san francisco fell to fourth in the attendance and outreach but in terms of the actual applicant in the business connect guide businesses not applicants but businesses in the guide san francisco san francisco's has the largest number 23 percent in terms of cities that are recommended in the city resource guide glad to see that and
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certainly glad to see the range of counties represented all 9 included so before i get to the result a few other results i wanted to talk about the capability building program that was the motivating program for me to manage because i've had my background is in social enterprise and some of the ways that businesses grow and develop i think we've said from day one many say about more contracted we knew of the 4 hundred businesses a small percentage will get contracts we're doing everything we can to make that as high as possible and capture everything especially the out lying events not the nfl events run by third party's and unlock the opportunities and database we wanted to deliver more for
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businesses we created a program and are now have launched it we call playbook for success playbook for second is a capacity building program focused on 3 areas in our database the first is he helping them making connections to capital we've cued this in too ways businesses with trajectory and business with sales you you know half a million dollars or more we've been able to launch this program in partnership with the organization called the initiative for intercity to help cyber city businesses with 75 businesses earlier this month they've had a fuel day of educational basically mba and everything from finance to marketing and strategy that culminates next month in new
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york with the intentions that took place in crafting their pitch through coaching they'll be connected to the capitol providers and have many in the events in san francisco and more in new york they'll joined with other cities throughout the fall and that will be hopefully in new york together next week that's the first program to capital we'll be planning a second program targeting businesses with more working capital needs and others that were launched which of you saw that and wanting to help those businesses understand the type of capital and how to assess it. the second peas is connecting partnering with specific community venues they know they've launched a program called business they'll make between the
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volunteers and screen business areas like connecting them to business owners f 3 program rolls out next month until super bowl we'll be matching this in our cannot to the advisors for help on specific issues of their business and the final piece hoping to closer to super bowl will go beyond super bowl is talent we've identified a partner cyber city advisors that we're running a talent management type of business in oakland and they'll be helping us to provide this program to our businesses in the database. >> the last piece we'll sponsor is that google hag a 12 week program called competently
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rapport businesses that take advantage of the tools and make sure the businesses are showing up when people are doing the reach they'll provide that free to all the businesses that will be avenue super bowl 50 this is not intended to stop when the super bowl but continue and leave our businesses that participate in the program with things of value a few results today before i give some of them i want to be clear about to things one we were very much committed to transparent with the manufacturing and not prepared to report on the numbers we'll be issuing a report post super bowl so while you may see in any kinds of super bowl endeavors with the large economic reports you've noticed our host committee has
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not deny that we want to deliver the routes results we have had happened rather than anticipate what might have happened but the first results will be released pub i've said to all groups, however, the results whether we've done well and not as well, we want to be baseline for people fundamentally what the super bowl 50 host committee buildings we've do our job making sure we have local impact that we want to be successful so people want us to make another round and host other super bowls and large-scale events this report we'd like to releases will be specific to say that the baseline we can't do worse but going forward doing better so
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we've - we feel we've were able to get out to the business county. >> thank you to the director early in the process but certainly supporting our outreach consistently throughout the event we have seen some interesting i think growth in certain areas of certification our friends at golden gate business association have seen an hundred percent increase in the lgbt busy this is a credit for their team for the outreach as it was the first in the category that business has been included and with disabilities veterans we've seen a promise with the businesses but how the nfl looking at this we've set a high bar and when we had nfl
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kickoff year in san francisco this is the third time we've been out of the home game we saw san francisco contractors and business connect contractors utilizing that to the to day events in pier 35 we've seen a new shift in the attitude of the nfl that is a fairway to explain that that only both sides well, for contracting that is going well speaks for itself as we get closer to the game and seen the success program and we'll have key partners a number of organizations that will continue to is there anyone from the public that wishes to speak take this momentum forward so a few san francisco specific slides so we're approximately 70 or 80 contract we as the host committee engaged 1/3rd come
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from san francisco and engaged the contracted with before and in some cases they've provided services in kind to promote their own objectives you'll see some of the educates that is in the an exhausted list but inclusive of the screen printed in the record and indicatoring and office city e supply staffing proud our super bowl 50 official merchandise is san francisco tote bags and what's been fun engaging the substantial program so all the vinyl and the mesh that is used to produce super bowl 50 the nfl environment program has a large recovery program we've been engaging laugh businesses to take this to a level whether it is sf made or the arts community i think that present those
10:47 am
materials what about resold or up kooirlgd those things to make sure because many of the materials will be here in san francisco our businesses can take advantage this is 5 connect business inclusive of but certainly is in that program additional finally a couple of things as we get color to super bowl, of course, i mention the nfl kickoff is here in early december and outside the game itself with an unfortunate unfortunately experience the nfl basically, the teem parks dedicated to the moscone center and the moscone center west and, of course, announced in the summer that the host committee is free to the public 9 day fan suppressors is super bowl city along the embarcadero we'll open
10:48 am
that up a weekend earlier to and the last thing i'll say the final business connect here in san francisco not the scale of is two i've mentioned but here on february 3rd a celebration of the program and also, we hope and some announcements how that program will continue and support of nfl. >> with that, that that concludes my presentation. i have a list my came back information here if i need to reach me for anything. >> thank you to the commission for your outreach and your support of this program i think that is- it's ban a great journey this last year, we've not sitting idly by on a a day to day basis and spend time on
10:49 am
the phone talking about with the business owners and others to make every opportunity for local small businesses i'll be happy to answer any questions thank you for having me. >> i had a question which say, i know my communities north beach is planning a super bowl event how would you suggest if any they kind of link up with what our doing. >> green great question we have the super community program an effort to engage the 101 celebrating super bowl in their communities certainly the program is run at the kind of, if you will, highest level of government in this community that community that city goes out and of these about the penalties our goal to prompt
10:50 am
promote those events and a street banner program i'll get back to the commission we've been adding cities daily and what about make sure we have the kind of events we'd love to promote. >> thank you. >> commissioner ortiz-cartagena. >> i want to agree and thank you for the presentation and is i was impressed and about the authoritativeness and the real substantive partnering i'm really, really impressed with the work you've done. >> thank you. >> awesome thank you very much. >> commissioners questions. >> thank you for your presentation question about the mind or said it the list of businesses has been closed approximately 4
10:51 am
hundred and two of them not all will be getting contracts but a kind of does benefit in being certified can you explain to us what certification medians and is this list going to be open are we talking about is there a benefit on the local, national i want to understand the benefit of being part of that list of 4 hundred and 25. >> yes. thank you for your question the certification that we required at a high level that the business demonstrate that 51 percent of company is owning and operating by an individual that represents one or more of the categories women arrest lgbt or disabled veterans those certifications 5 partners that
10:52 am
priority those sifrgz they're both national partners in terms of one immediate benefit of being certified you'll now in also in their database of national business opportunities we also had the 4 or 5 certification partners were the western region, minority development council, the women's consortium that is part of national that's the 23459sz national certification for businesses and the supplier clearing house that is run but is public utilities commission so any goal they can be certified by that cross the diverse categories for that and the golden gate the chamber of commerce certified lgbt owned businesses. >> i would say two other
10:53 am
things that was a struggle around the certification because one way or another it's a an address step that companies made we had to demonstrate with our oakland they had a panel the corp partners intel and google kaiser use those certifications we tried to make the case one of the benefits you'll be part of the accessibility to other partners but we also know that san francisco for example, has another type of certification and oakland many types of we ended up choosing those with the broadest applications the second thing one of the benefits we tried to convey to business owners we would be connecting them done this in practice ways with corporate partners and this for example, that in some cases businesses that were certified
10:54 am
in our program also have not been able to get contracts with corporation but ultimately we made the case that demonstrating this the rigor around this process will benefit them but acknowledging a hurdle but it was worth doing in terms of cost eats time but made it clear as to the benefits. >> so that list is going to be limited and sorry i apologize this list is pub available right now, we're now 86 in discussion with the nfl is nfl has taken a renewed interest in the program and has the potential to live on i'll be blunt we hope that businesses from san francisco, from the bay area start to become those nfl contractors that travel all over the country and do those super bowls a first
10:55 am
step to get them active and engaged the nfl sees the value of investing in local communities why would we let it die so our kathleen education will continue we don't have a lot of details how this program will live on permanently especially has producing the arts events here in the area in the region we're gotten for this this is a list of incredible providers how to connect them to this but don't have an answer yet. >> commission any other comments great. thank you very much thank you for coming back to present. >> thank you very much. >> call for public comment any members of the public who want to comment seeing none, public comment is closed
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move on to the next item. >> thank you, jason. >> sfgovtv we're going to take a moment break. >> than seattle. >> san francisco small business commission we're resuming the meeting at item 6 the update of business registry commissioners in your packet interest is have for your the
10:57 am
legacy business application process we have a new city attorney and that is being assigned to this small business commission and he had suggestions out to simplify this more so we have done so and so the process in which we - to let you know i've sent out notification to the board of supervisors identify been receiving contact from various supervisors offices they're interested in having the starting to make their recommendations so, so the supervisors have received the application process and application and i'm working with each the supervisors offices to whether they work with the applicant on the applications or our office so
10:58 am
send them the application but wanted to make the process relative simple only send out a notification of the businesses they want to nominate and made it very clear you as is commission in terms of narrative component of the application get the sense of the history of the business you know having supplemental documents that will help us market and promote them as the program develops we're not- be j the professional quality of the application we know there will be businesses with different capacities in terms of what until present to us the information in the application so the application is out
10:59 am
and it is fillable and what i have informed the supervisors that right now the commission will facilitate only nominates that come directly from of them in an applicant cocktails our office we'll redirect them to the supervisors office just staffing targets and at this particular point so understanding though there will be some slight modifications we may take place if prop j peas and those will be equally incorporated into microsoft the application the probably the width thing in the application process businesses will not need to provide information in terms of whether their headquartered around it but, of course, we'll
11:00 am
need to provide their historical start date in terms of being thirty years old in the city and commissioner yee-riley you have a question under the current regulation is thirty years and prop j there could, circumstances for businesses at 20 years or older so but that is up to the nominateer the mayor's supervisors to make it determination so the key criteria is still thirty years though there is just as within the historic preservation commission corrode e code the allowance of expending e comprehending generating circumstances or businesses between thirty and 20 years old does that make sense. >> if i read the ballot it you
11:01 am
vote yes. that means we will we vote yes, we'll agree to expand the definition of the go legacy business to include those that are operated in san francisco in 20 are at risk of displacement. >> and so that will be i mean, there's greater details in the legislation that sort of begin that that would be i think you know - the commission will begin drafting the rules and regulations should prop j pass so you know we don't know yet whether it will not but after the november election we'll know as the commission as a body needs to develop emotional e rules and regulations relationship to that proposition
11:02 am
and the historic preservation commission as it relates to the historic preservation commission funds but my understanding just as with the county regulations it is the nominate our that makes that determination for those businesses that will be between 20 and thirty so not an absolute given. >> is that notion of wiggle room between 20 and thirty in the regular legislation. >> not currently. >> this is a different twist where the funds as opposed to the registering and so is the idea that the registry will go back and retool itself based on what the funds legislation is should it pass. >> i would noted say it retools itself. >> makes accommodations. >> i mean the two are not
11:03 am
dental the registry and the funds. >> right. >> so right correct you'll sort of think about that as proximate cause is creates the funds and prop j is also making some amendments to the definition of what can be considered as a legacy business so those changes you know should it pass will then be reflected in the eligibility of being clarified as a legacy business regardless as to whether they want to apply for any of the preservation. >> i don't recall hearing about the gap between 20 and thirty at the commission is that something new or did we hear it. >> we hear or heard it hillary outlined they did are making
11:04 am
that providing the special circumstance for businesses that are between 20 and thirty years old. >> all right. >> i have a question regina you mentioned that the city attorney district attorney has brought simplification could you point out what was changed since i don't have the form. >> i had more like an asking for a running history tim if i had the nomination under the instruction or excuse me. under the kind of business eligibility and the registration process and also on the application item
11:05 am
number 4. >> okay. >> thank you. >> is it headquartered and founded here no longer requirement. >> currently it is a requirement in prop j passes no longer a requirement. >> and it is you made a comment if it is a businesses were to contact under the present registered you would ask them to contact their supervisor they can't, of course, dependently from the office of the supervisors submit an application and initially the supervisors office asked that it koournts cannot independently contact the office and get the application and submit the application to the office and have it go directly to the commission
11:06 am
the commission is only will hear businesses that have been nominated by the mayor or the board of supervisors. >> very unusual in a superintendant about not support this in in your district. >> a supervisor or board of supervisors. >> one one. >> it didn't have to be necessarily in their district a supervisor may have a relationship a long term relying u relationship with a business not in their district so but in my meetings with the supervisors they wanted to have it be that applications do be initiated through our office and presented to them but again, i think for volume reasons we are at that particular point saying that staff and the commission will
11:07 am
only be i mean obviously you'll be reviewing applications that have been that are from businesses that have been nominated by the mayor or a member of the board of supervisors does that make sense. >> yes. it does. >> it makes it a little bit less work for the office right now not thirty to have the applications come from both entry points. >> so the business singularly would have to call it's supervisors district supervisor to dick it to you and the application will be submitted to the supervisors. >> yes. the supervisors and the mayors be the first line of vesting vetting. >> to be clear the mayor and the board of supervisors can submit the letter to the office saying this is when we are nominating i have advised
11:08 am
customer service to have them send in the application and the instructions and is application and happy to talk to them about you know what is in that application if there is any question about what needs to be in the application and then but the business can submit the final application to the office or it can submit to the supervisors office that submits it to us. >> thank you. >> well, see what happens with prop j. >> i mean, there's not much you know there will be - a fair amount of work in terms of the rules and regulations and adopting the rules and regulations as it relates not only to the application but in terms of the preservation process but without we can't do
11:09 am
anything in particular point in time make a decision we don't know the outcome of the election. >> great any other comments? any more discussion any public comment on this item >> seeing none, public comment is closed so we're on to item no. 7. >> the director's report so commissioners because esl *- el nino is coming. >> we so the office of economic workforce development our office but our person part of job squad the point person is working with the various departments to come to develop a program to predominantly to the
11:10 am
merchant associations to all businesses to get thinking ahead of time is you know not waiting until the last minute for sandbags and currently right now they're not available through dpw. >> call 311 and get on a list and will be notified once the sands bags are available i'll encouraging folks to do you want a drain to get cleaned out things along their commercial corridor to minimize flooding and then also the puc has a grants program to help properties in flood areas where there is a lot of flood to do some mitigation there and so i just want to brooungs in in front of depending on the
11:11 am
better meeting we'll have a formally presentation from the department of emergency services and it will be good for you to hear what the city is planning for and what in their expecting and then again to note we're thinking ahead and working with the businesses and business organizations to shatter thinking and planning ahead. >> also the business portal i send e sent you an announcement but been nominated for the excellence award i thought i should advise you with the running list and nomination the portal has received and pressed i have been meeting with the access appeals commission we're starting to do planning and
11:12 am
preparation and implementation of the supervisor tang's legislation that still is yet to be scheduled if committee a few details that are needing to be worked out with the property owners association i don't think we'll have significant bearing on what you heard if it does i'll bring it back for a rehearing or i'll inform you thought changes in the update but determines of the preparation and outreach i've also talked to the office of economic workforce development we have we do contract fund with the legal services for entrepreneurs they mostly advise on leases and early leases so commissioner tour-sarkissian will be something i'll work with you on as well once the legislation passed while it is
11:13 am
the landlords responsibility to the property owners responsibility to be communicating with the city about you know whether they don't need to do city work their entryway is assessable to those that may need to get the designation and clarification that is technically faeblg in the four categories but in leases there will be you know 2013 there or will be drusz with the property owner and others who end up paying for this we want to set up a program to help businesses you know to take into account their leases especially the small businesses and understand this and so we're going to be talking to legal services to entrepreneurs to see about you
11:14 am
know the best way to sort of put together either doing presentations at different organizations or different areas of the city or to have them available to a one-on-one communication those are some of the things we're thinking ahead of the time ahead of it before it gets passed then also in our packet for the director's report is a copy of a letter from california recycle so this commissioners for most of of familiar with the ongoing issue the cal the c r v the buy back the beverage container recycle but the way for people to redeem those products for
11:15 am
fund what happened over years san francisco this is a as a matter of law they've reduced their cycling centers but increased the numbers ever entities that trigonometry a convention zone to reiterate what triggers and convention zone something designated as supermarket and does $2 million in revenue that $2 million has not changed since 1986 when the law went into place we have some of the very small markets triggering a convenience zone it is not just the big entities that trigger a convenience zone once a supermarket is
11:16 am
established they're $2 million or more a convenience zone is created so the law requires that in that quarter of a mile radius their needs to be a recycle center or some program set up so being that to is also moving into a direction where we are having less and less surface land available for recycling centers this puts us sort of kind of with our goals kind of in conflict with the recycling center with the c r v regulation so but if there is not - from the entity that creates the zone didn't put in a recycle center
11:17 am
or a buy back machine something else equivalent all the small businesses that sell redeem active items are required to do buy backs so it is honk postage areas the city where small businesses are not effected having to do redemption but there is starting to be more and more areas the city where small businesses are contacted we cal recycle to side they're required to do the buy back in store so this creates you know difficulties especially for small businesses one in terms of where to store it a health issue, two they don't have the means and mechanisms to leave they are stores to take what we recycle and into to other recycling center so i know that
11:18 am
i've mentioned in the past some discussions with the department of environment to push - the one potential solution to do emotional recycling so that we have something mobile moving around to different areas obviously a program that needs to be created would need to meet the standards of cal recycle but it means something that the city needs to get behind and organ and plan i know that the department of environment is looking in discussion with with ecology and starting to talk to the bigger grocery stores but it may meaning mean we need to you know do some urge to really get to this solution a little bit quicker then we have been
11:19 am
i know a few of the commissioners have heard you know from businesses regarding the letters and our office is getting calls for the letters they're more and more sort of. >> aggressive. >> aggressive. >> thank you. >> so i think cal recycle is trying to pit pressure on the city to take action and are doing it to the small business with that said, you know happy to have discussion you know about this through my director's report and if there is any if you want to get other presentations from the vice president of environment please let me know or from the commission while we can't take action we can - i can draft a letter to go to you know to the city and mayor's office to help us the next commission meeting for
11:20 am
you to approve so - >> well, it sounds like we should proactively take on this issue to see if there is some way to revolve it through a mobile program that needs to be development in conjunction with the mayor's office and the appropriate departments or whether this is lobbying that needs to be done in sacramento you know around what is the hurdle for being considered a gun for $2 million whatever the various things are short of having this repealed but i think we need to take action to help to protect our small businesses because i have at least one in my neighborhood that is effected by this and getting those letters it is unsettling none
11:21 am
wants ta to face a $3,000 fine a month and fire one employee to pay for this this is going to costs jobs in addition to effect the probability of the small businesses and 0 these are businesses that are pleasing employing the low income workers it is effecting the people at the bottom of pyramid that has all kinds of social implications as well so whether we need to be i think we do need to figure out what are the next steps and what are the avenues that we might pursue to get some relief. >> commissioner adams. >> agendize it for a future meeting maybe send a letter to the mayor's office and try to get them behind us and it seems
11:22 am
to me i'm hearing people that are getting hit where they close those recycling centers in the neighborhoods and where larger chained retail i've retailers grocery retailers they're happy to pay the fine. >> so 0 few of them have the machines but the thing you know the bottle of can and get a receipt and cash that in i like our suggestion about the agendizing it bring small business owners in or ecology. >> starting with brainstorming what are the avenues for change or relief or protection of our small businesses. >> but you know if we could put that on the agendas for the near future that will be good those letters have aggressive the other shoe will drop within
11:23 am
the next several months the invocation notice will be a huge bill. >> and the next one is coming thirty days later and hear after so - >> thank you and then also included at the depending end the director's report a letter of communication around union square sdugsz e discussing the effects of conduct and ask it be shared with the commission under legislation policy paid sick leave is finalized last week at f a x i'll send you a copy it should go into the website i want to say it is detailed they gave careful thought into sort of the how to be dealing with calibrating it is a good
11:24 am
direction some very good direction i think we will be looking at meaning to do a ballot measure to bring together where we canning can bring together without reducing our paid sick leave law one for businesses just in terms of the there's timely things in terms of who the paid sick law is applicable two i think at the state level it is important expansive so winding up those things so where we can it is one law that businesses have to follow. >> so that will be kind of something that will be coming you know worked on over the next year. >> looking at a future ballot
11:25 am
measure coming up but i think the direction we are going in there is not a major concern for small businesses at this point in time so it is going through the process it needs to go through the ballots measures and, of course, the paid sick leave is a ballot measure and then so and then just to bring your attention because of the interim when any interim resolution comes up especially around planning those do not require a thirty day holds they tend to get pushed to throw but i wanted to bring your attention this is a interim prohibition on the extension of commercial mergers and the lower 24th so
11:26 am
just as they work on right now if you want to merge two commercial spaces that requires a conditional use so this is right now just putting a moratorium on allowing that not even through a conditional use has they workout other issues and some i think be looking at the zoning considerations the legislation heard by the commission is so the public right-of-way occupancy that the commission heard is passed and supervisor tang as i mentioned earlier it is yet to be scheduled at the board of supervisors committee legislation that was introduced to you and kind of put on hold talked to supervisor mar's
11:27 am
office and we will likely or you will likely be hearing the definition of formula retail use to include the sub raise and the noticing ordinance supervisor farrell's office said they want to schedule in november and we're finally listing that date and the new restaurants and bars north beach, and that has had one 20 days filed extension so that won't are heard until after the one hundred 20 days then i have started preliminary discussions with commissioner white on doing a commission retreat mid december we have with the legacy business also with the small business excelsior team that passed the
11:28 am
budgets those are things that will be involving the commission in our office i want to start in addition those two very specific things but start getting ahead take a look at what the commission wants to in preparation for the budget cycle. >> i've made a not of the status of commission secretary position last week met with jessie torres the governor's economic development office he reasons with small businesses they want to do an event in san francisco on december 10th so reached out to our office and oewd to jointly work on that particular event together so i think that's all i more new unless you have any questions. >> any questions.
11:29 am
>> no. >> my report. >> so item number 8 is president's report. >> so not much to report i attended the annual mixer of sf buzz connect last week i think tuesday and it was well attend and social i am prints with the location local screen printing operation that hires folks that have changes getting back into the workforce it is really nicely done and supervisor kim was there and the mayor attended as well it was great and there was a good selection of small businesses and a number of larger businesses that took the pledge online to try to redirect our local spend to
11:30 am
local spending that was really good, good matchmaking hopefully on a quarterly base and i have a question mr. president, will the connection of large bike sharing taking the pledge. >> it is object at buzz and this was put up been the chamber of commerce and oewd together. >> they took the pledge. >> it not necessarily it is a pledge to try to divert that much spending but an acknowledgment of the fort will i other than whether to see whether the campaign you know how that see we'll see that's a
11:31 am
little bit tougher the commission before the american express and the shopping and dine initiate that initiative are totally different one national and the other - >> but with the b to c that is an ongoing my understanding after the holidays. >> we'll see. >> yeah. it requires some you funding oewd. >> i think that maybe it will depend on partially on the results from the holidays we'll see there is look good effort and the chamber of commerce is gracious in hosting so then it was at a neighborhood gathering i was alerted to the grocery store issue that was that came from being in the neighborhood hopefully, we'll
11:32 am
take that other than nothing else to report. >> want to talk about the process. >> yeah. my company air force hosted a press conference for the two mayors mayor ed lee and may i libby schaaf recommended to their effort to stimulate a statewide effort to raise minimum wage to $15 an hour this is something their spaerp they choose the place to do that press release. >> so we have press cameras. >> then we were at the press conference in chinatown as well that was related to the launch supporting dragons beer candy that was awesome. >> so if i may take a moment with the dragon poppa desserts
11:33 am
that is with the san francisco launch the mayor and commissioner yee-riley and commissioner president dwight were in attendance and on granted street they initially came to our office a year before they found their space to get you know information on what they needed to side to open their business and four most as we were doing the selection they reengaged this demonstrations the value the office the small business commission center we may not be individuals come to us early on but once ready to go upcoming in a short time they know exactly what to do then we knew ounce we found a site he dpaejdz with small business development center to help them
11:34 am
with his financing and making sure that everything on the operational side but the investment for any additional assistance it is a good thing to see those businesses that given were you our office and come back there's a point of which we can continue to branch off and continue to receive support to open and grow their business. >> that's great, great success story. >> shall i move on to item 9. >> item 9 commissioners report. >> commissioners? >> i have something to report. >> commissioner ortiz-cartagena first or commissioner yee-riley. >> you've got to be quick on the draw. >> anyways i attended the press conference regarding the dragon poppa i think it is a great success story and got to
11:35 am
taste some of the yummy candy. >> tell me write, get more. >> i'm glad you gave detailed a great example of cooperation between your department and the investing in the neighborhoods and all the other players and then the same day another press conference across the street from the chinese kwefrnsz and i walked by sam a very old restaurants they were closed by the department of public health and a group of people helped them to reopen and on clay street with the square i happened to walk but they invited me in and several chinese people a so i gave them history of restaurants had 4 years ago i was able to eat there and talk about they have a
11:36 am
rude wait our. >> legendary. >> yeah. >> so it becomes an attraction people go to this restaurants to experience the waiter. >> have they officially reopened. >> yes. >> that's said and i attended the a b l to get someone from our commission to talk about and end up they wanted to talk about how to get contract and get government helps as well, for corporation so the distributors help and others i was able to get ryan young the contract compliance and with the s.b.a. decoration was there that was a very good program thank you.
11:37 am
>> commissioner ortiz-cartagena. >> i attended the visitacion valley street fair very, very well attended i want to give a recognition to two people marcus and others did an maturing job on the border and just you know, i was really yes, sir with the turnout especially in the southeast corridor didn't have as much merchant population so. >> commissioner adams. >> i wanted to say i tenant at renaissance external center annual events with director dick and i think this is one of their best events ever this year it was really well attended they raised a lot of money and a lot of awareness not only for their main center but for their center in the bayview and their center
11:38 am
up in san raphel so it was good. >> excellent. >> millennial. >> all right. we shall move on to item 10 new business. >> any other. >> for the new business let's puts on there the recycling bottle issue. >> right. >> the r v redemption. >> anything else. >> yes. i have been approached by the family associations in chinatown what is happening when we receive notice for from the treasury department they already have an account to pay for the rental property now they're informed each property has to have a separate account because i think the change is due to the
11:39 am
gross receipt. >> that's true. >> but when we heard the gross receipt presentation we were focusing on small business we never heard anything about commercial properties so is there something to do. >> actively a landlord section to the meeting there's a section that talks to landlord how's how those changes b will take event and mary ann is the best person to talk about talk to. >> or greg. >> yeah. greg he referred him to a few property owners. >> so it as a separate accountant account. >> now more than one property and the thing they've not gotten a notice. >> a way to streamline it. >> i do i think or think that mary ann and greg did a very good job in terms of trying to do outreach to the business sectors like property owners
11:40 am
especially workshops to their groups i do know they've worked with france with the outreach in chinatown sorry - maybe someone was not able to attend but if need be we can connect them with greg to walk through but the likelihood that they - with the changes in the gross receipts is that just recycle with any business you know if have you multiple locates you have to register each location so have following that same protocol. >> i believe to you. >> i forwarded the e-mail to you. >> i'll respond and give greg
11:41 am
the motion. >> yeah. there's a way to streamline it two property companies that i know and i'll remain nameless i didn't refer to greg they said once they've talked with greg they'll figure out and it was leased. >> maybe some advise we can get. >> yeah. maybe that is get with them when they reare we registered they got their notice then but clear up with greg. >> so you will - >> yeah. i'll give them a heads-up. >> i've been approached by several the restaurant owners they've got several locations and closed because of the substantial increase in rent where she called them the greedy landlords i don't know what we can do but something to respond to that was wrought to my
11:42 am
attendance. >> maybe in the castro. >> i mean yeah - the rents relationship is at the state level and perhaps you commissioner tour-sarkissian can speak to this in greater detail i don't know what we can do. >> their rent control on complerl properties. >> did you want to - >> no i'll say that there isn't legally any way the commission could come up with the program to prevent the landlord to raise the rent when the landlords can raise the rent with no rent control. >> i understand. >> it is purely legal. >> i think you know with the legacy business one of the
11:43 am
elements that you know really stands out the legacy businesses that are able to stay in their as a legacy business for a long term is the space they do their business in and so this both angle with the sb cd and met with commissioner adams to really develop a program while their may not are initially they're not necessarily funding behind it but to really explain the process of how we can do vertical subdivisions on properties to the business can own the commercial space that is something that is more affordable to buy now being able to qualify for a commercial property loan is
11:44 am
something that you know businesses need to understand that if they have not been really great at managing their finances and takes maybe a little bit more challenging but again that is one of the reasons we're working with sb d.c. to help the businesses able to work with businesses to get themselves financially set up and read so they can engage in getting a commercial loan. >> we've had businesses in north beach do exactly that convince the landlord to go tic or whatever bought the ground level and now secured. >> i'm familiar with those i actually want to thank the commissioner that is how we got some of these and so i met with regina and angle carr dozen we did one in the mission a dress
11:45 am
shop the woman was going to be evicted and she wound up be able to buy her space at the end of the day we're mortgage is less than her rents payment would have been and on top of you have other tax benefits if you own the space but be able to you know know what our doing and maybe we can agendize this you're starting to see that with raising rents i'm grad you brought that up. >> and this - i think that you know it is not as well known about the ability to be able to do the vertical subdivision and - we want to make sure that no one is afraid we're doing condotion but the to this case condo regulations but still do
11:46 am
the vertical subdivision to the residential if this is in the mixed use building; right? so the residential component can stay as a whole piece of property and the commercial or commercial spaces could be either one whole or divided up with multiple spaces in the building >> i people's he second that will before the commission a lot of people don't know that this is a good way of bring to the altercation of small business community especially a presentation. >> i've been working with diana she's been reaching out to folks in the mission. >> all right. >> she's really gone ahead - >> i've talked with people at meta. >> we've had discussions as we've brought that up as a concept especially in the area
11:47 am
she's working in she's gone off for it but for her heel probably be working with her area and i think especially with the legacy business this is something that all businesses can do is to sort of package the how to so someone that may not be connected with met to or an investment area neighborhood could you know have that process knocked out and understand what is involved with that and, of course, down the line to see if increasing any other opportunities to add to that. >> another side effect is once people are able to buy air commercial units i've seen this the improvements they put in they know they'll be able to stay are huge plus to the neighborhood and the block
11:48 am
they're on. >> uh-huh. >> all right. so i'll add that to new business. >> okay anything else. >> any other new business. >> item 11. >> item 11 adjournment. >> we have a motion. >> adjourned it isyou.
11:49 am
>> as a voter you have a choice on how you can vote you might cast your vote by mail or vote earlier in city hall if you choose to vote earlier you'll go to our powell plays might be a church or in regards garage they'll make the voting as uncomplicated as possible yes what does 3 take to be a poll working and what exactly does a poll work working do letting meet some. >> aim jack. >> i'm co-author la. >> i'm tiffany and charles and
11:50 am
my name is elizabeth i'm jeff i'm bruce hi, i'm karin a full-time student addressed city college i've been a pole working for 10 years. >> for 13 years your 10 or the 9 or 10 years. >> those poll workers and thousands are an essential part of election day 31 they provide the safeguarding of democratic processed there's a feeling in the poll place you're a feeling of something that has a special place in the world the democratic process in the united states is model to the rest of the world. >> it's a relay sequence e sense you're part of that history and being able to keep that going and it is really does feel good. >> i feel overhead this is a great civil dude and get a
11:51 am
different idea. >> in my residential area i dale feel i'm transbay joint powers authority to the community as a wloel in the communi community. >> so san francisco poll workers have a service based mission the first to protect the voter rights we make sure they understand the rights on the ballot and the right to an essential polling place and many languages around english. >> it's like someone that didn't know how to read i'm more happy to help you like i'll help you. >> the second part to serve the voters like workers and language they respect the voter and finally the last myths is
11:52 am
offsets the which i see to come to the polling place. >> this takes a lot of pole working for each election they higher 26 hundred pole workers to staff over 5 hundred polling places this chose 6 senate victories and thousand clerks and high school students. >> look at the address of our polling place on line or visit it a day beforehand. >> every pole worker has been trained the election department holds for one hundred hundred clads a month before the election they vary into one and a half to 3 hours and classes focus on the right to voters including language and other access right for voter and step up polling place and equipment and procedures for voting and
11:53 am
vote and mail. >> the election office is constantly streamlining the process so there the good of the training in order to tap into the continuing better process in their creating. >> pole workers learner about clothing procures like completing the posted ballets and transferring the memory packs and others materials for the traffic officers or deputy sheriff. >> i like how the training every year improves. >> so as the inspector the first is all introduce user to the collect and assign them their job cards. >> a polling place nodes someone to supervisor and that pole working is called an inspector and responsible for that four or five clerks they get hands on experience. >> you're also going to be
11:54 am
doing other things at 12 o'clock and 3 o'clock to the inspector needs to hang into this. >> the inspector makes sure that the polling is smooth and greets people in a way with respect to make sure they're going to the procedures so not only in the step of that but in the actual process during the day and the process of breaking the equipment down and tab latino making sure all the numbers gets to the sheriff's deputy and to the city and county. >> they're a key holder on election day they wear a i can rove that hat audience this is the voting machine. >> after the training inspections pickup bottles and other supplies their polling places need on election day.
11:55 am
>> this is for the briefing. >> inspectors are responsible for the chain of custody of ballot they sign for the battles and have you ever had your deposition taken transfer it to a deputy sheriff's at the end of the day. >> that's one of the things i thought attracted to this to learner about the voting process and knowing that at the end of all this we take great pains to make sure that the routes are secure and save and delivered back to the ballet department. >> their seals rewe having to put occupy the equipment and make sure that carry the key it secures the ballot machine so we have to be keen you know i'd say and areas open on dale what was going on election die when the voter voted if they messed up we've got to void that we have to keep track and get
11:56 am
for every step as well as the procedural exponent to transfer the battles at the end of the nicest to the sheriff's detective and the memory card and data make sure those don't get tampa everyday with. >> each inspectors manual excludes the cards that lifts different pole workers dudes. >> there's one person that sets up the booth and others that set up equipment and again, we follow it step by step. >> we willfully with such culture diversities san francisco has many languages spoken everyday to meet of diverse challenge the department of election assigned chinese pole workers spanish speakers to 2 hundred and 17 predicts and filipino to one hundred and
11:57 am
thirty predictability and vietnamese and japanese to 7 priblts and there's a lot of chinese speaking people so there's been at least 2 people on staff that speak chinese and really comes in handy. >> they choose that pen. >> i'd like to say that 70 percent of powell workers come back election after election that's inspiring they're returning. >> many people are glad to see us we know we're in the predict we are there in the election before. >> i know people expect to see me now it is a regular occurrence so oh, you're working this one yeah. >> there's a sense of trust they believe in us and they'll be protected.
11:58 am
>> working as a precinct worker learners about the process. >> once you see the process you gain a new respect so i'll encourage 80 anyone to get the experience. >> the department of elections needs new workers they're looking for new powell its go to sf
11:59 am
12:00 pm
>> ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the san francisco board of supervisors meeting. madam clerk, can you please call the roll. >> thank you madam president. supervisor avalos, not present, supervisor breed, supervisor campos, supervisor christensen, supervisor


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